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Grow your MFD business 10x today!

What is the difference between a mutual fund distributor and a moolaah partner?

We see a new platform every other day. There are many platforms that provide great features and also sell direct – mutual fund products without any brokerage. Brokerage fees are also going down as the distributors add very little value. It is also hard to find new clients and easy to lose a client.

As a moolaah partner, you enjoy many benefits.

To start with, moolaah platform will connect you with new investors every other day. You will have a steady flow of new investor referrals from the moolaah platform. These quality leads will help you to create a network of clients and will help you to grow your business significantly in mutual funds and beyond mutual funds. It is easy to create a trusted network, grow your expertise, expand horizons and grow your business.

With moolaah you are sure to get the best fees and faster payouts as we are a national distributor and you will be able to earn more. The platform is absolutely free and hence it does not cost anything to try!

You will get access to products and research from our platform and senior experts will guide you to develop a deeper understanding of different asset classes, products and they will share experience from other investment experiences. This will come in handy for you to suggest to your customers. We will also have a panel of investment officers to help you anytime with your queries. We can also resolve the issues by working closely with the AMC and eliminate delays.

moolaah comes with a comprehensive reporting platform. You will have a detailed transaction reports, holding statements, performance reports and capital gains reports on the fly. We also have option to consolidate reports from different asset classes like equity, mutual funds, bonds, foreign equity, PMS, AIF, INVITS, REITS, Gold, Silver etc You will be able to share these reports with the customer and help them to understand the current status of their investment.

moolaah has an inbuilt communication platform and you will be able to communicate with your clients through chat, video, audio, SMS, email etc

Become a moolaah partner and grow your business 10x today!

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Moolaah is an independent wealthtech ecosystem, with the aim of delivering a better financial future to individuals and families with the help of expert advisors.

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