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Clients these days have thousands of investible products to choose from. We have products from different asset classes like fixed income, equity, foreign equity, bonds, AIF/PMS, REITS/INVITS, Gold, Silver, etc. In Mutual funds alone, there are 44 AMCs which sell about 2500+ Products. As always, hardly 20% of the funds make 80% of the AUM and the remaining products fight for their space in the market. It is important for the AMCs to market their product as this will help them to stand out in the crowded market place.

Products are developed by AMCs after comprehensive research and experienced fund managers structure their product for a niche segment. It is important to explain the philosophy behind the product design and also take it to the right audience to ensure the desired results are delivered.

Moolaah partners come with wide experience in handling different asset classes and products and they understand the strengths of different AMCs and they will position the products to right customers.

AMCs can reach out to customers spread across the country in no time through the pan India network of moolaah partners. AMCs can also have direct access to the clients and can get product feedback and valuable suggestions.

Moolaah platform is designed to make the execution easy and it can help customers to get onboarded, make investments and monitor their holdings from a single dashboard and this will make the sales process smooth as it reduces the friction considerably.

Moolaah helps AMCs to reach out to the their customer base quickly through the digital channels. Detailed documents, infographics, explainer videos and other documents will help AMCs to highlight the unique value proposition of their products and will help them to reach the right audience.

Moolaah partners have access to a exquisite client list as they handle products from different asset classes and they have long running trusted relationships with the clients and this will help partners to position the right products to the right client depending on the clients context.

Moolaah platform offers unparalleled advantage for emerging products to quickly position the products in a cost effective way and scale within a short time.

Join moolaah today and launch your products successfully in the market!

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Moolaah is an independent wealthtech ecosystem, with the aim of delivering a better financial future to individuals and families with the help of expert advisors.

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