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What is moolaah? Is it for me?

Interest rates are falling and inflation is on the rise and the money in the bank is losing its value by the day. Still, investors end up having money in the savings bank account and fixed deposits.

There are many reasons why investors end up having money in savings bank and fixed deposits.

Some of the reasons are as result of following thinking

  • Even if my money doesnt grow, let me not lose
  • I want to have the freedom of withdrawing my money any time
  • I want to see my balance in one click
  • The documentation is too complex even to withdraw my own money
  • I dont even know how to start investing in mutual funds or equity
  • I dont know how mutual funds, equity, bonds work
  • I am not interested in stock market. It is like gambling
  • I dont have time to monitor the news
  • I cannot manage seeing my account balance going up and down
  • I dont know when to buy, when to sell, how long to hold
  • I dont understand the tax implications
  • I am not greedy
  • I dont have a corpus to invest, just few thousands in my account

Moolaah partners are there to help you to precisely with the above challenges.

This is made possible with the help of a state of art of Guided Investment platform.

Using this platform, partners will be able to:

  • Help you to get started
  • Understand different products
  • Find which product is good for you
  • Understand, what is mutual fund and how to buy the first mutual fund
  • Which product to buy, what is good for me
  • When to buy, how much to buy, how to buy
  • When to sell, how much to sell, how to sell
  • How to check my account balance, my unrealized profit or loss
  • How to plan my taxes

Note that the money will always be in your account, under your name and partners will just guide you to get started and you are free to move out of moolaah platform or the partner if you do not like the service.

Moolaah is a breakthrough platform designed for the – not so tech savvy and not so knowledgeable people.

You may be a starting your career, you may be just retired, you may be a single mom, you would have received a settlement of property from your family, you may want to create a corpus to buy a home, go on a vacation, plan for your kids education or for a career or medical emergency or just a busy professional or home maker.

Moolaah is absolutely free and is here to help you now.

Start with a few thousand rupees of investment and experience the magic of Moolaah today!


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Moolaah is an independent wealthtech ecosystem, with the aim of delivering a better financial future to individuals and families with the help of expert advisors.

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